21 April, 2016


Prof. Herman C. Hanko

The following is a 9-part series of articles that originally appeared in the Protestant Reformed Theological Journal, between the years 1992 and 1997.

Introduction"Introduction" (PRTJ, April 1992)

Chapter One"Definitions of Common Grace" (PRTJ, Nov 1992)

Chapter Two"What is Grace?" (PRTJ, April 1993)

Chapter Three"Blessings For All Men? [I]" (PRTJ, Nov 1993)

Chapter Four"Blessings For All Men? [II]" (PRTJ, April 1994)

Chapter Five"Restraint of Sin: Its Meaning" (PRTJ, Nov 1994)

Chapter Six"Restraint of Sin: Is It Biblical?" (PRTJ, April 1995)

Chapter Seven"Restraint of Sin and General Revelation" (PRTJ, April 1996)

Chapter Eight"General Revelation and Common Grace" (PRTJ, April 1997)


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