21 January, 2017

The Primary Meaning of “Offero” in the Oxford Latin Dictionary

The following is an extract from the Oxford Latin Dictionary (1968) displaying the various connotations of the word “offero.” 

“Offero” is the word we see rendered as “offer” in the old English translations of 16/17th century theological works and also in the confessions. The Canons of Dordt were originally written in Latin, and there was also a Latin version of the Westminster standards as well. Calvin also wrote a Latin publication of His Institutes of the Christian Religion.

Notice that the PRIMARY meaning (NB. not the “only” meaning) of the word means “to present,” “to exhibit,” “to set forth,” “to bring before the attention of someone” etc., and only in the 8th-10th connotations does it mean “offer” as in “to hold out with the expectation or desire that it be accepted or taken.”

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