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This is a website, originally set up in 2016, as a means to promote the scriptural truth of sovereign particular grace, and also to facilitate in-depth study of the following topics:

(1) “Common Grace” (the theory that the Almighty “loves” or has a “favourable disposition/attitude” towards the reprobate wicked in this life, in the way of giving them good gifts, restraining the powers of sin and death in them, and producing within them all sorts of good works that are pleasing in His sight),

(2) the “Free or Well-Meant Offer” (the notion that the Almighty, in the preaching, expresses an earnest desire, will, wish or want to save the reprobate, and who sends the gospel to them with the purpose and intention of them being saved),

(3) the Image of God,

(4) “Hypo-Calvinism” (the denial or compromise of Total Depravity, Unconditional Election and Reprobation, Limited Atonement, Irresistible Grace etc., by professing Calvinists today),

(5) “Hyper-Calvinism” (the denial of duty faith and duty repentance)

(6) Arminianism

And much more …

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 “The glory of God is seen in His almighty, saving grace in Jesus Christ, His purposeful providence involving both the elect and reprobate, and His beautiful simplicity in all His attributes. The truth of sovereign particular grace helps us to grasp the meaning of many passages in Scripture and to honour the non-contradictory God of the Bible” (Anon).


Doctrinal Basis:

1) The Divinely inspired, infallible, and inerrant Holy Scriptures

2) The Doctrines set forth as


Notices of upcoming public lectures and speeches and conferences in the UK and Ireland:


Next Lecture Topic: “The Canon of Sacred Scripture”
Speaker:  Rev. Martyn McGeown, missionary pastor of the Covenant Protestant Reformed Church in Northern Ireland, based in the Limerick Reformed Fellowship, Limerick, Ireland.
Date: Thursday, 27th February, 2020 
Time: 7:15 PM
Location: Margam Community Centre, Bertha Road, Margam, Port Talbot, SA13 2AP.

Summary of Message:

"All Christians view the Bible as the Word of God, but where did the 66 books of the Bible come from? How do we know that these books, and no other, belong in the Bible? Who decided which books belong to the Word of God? Did the Church determine this? Does the Bible derive its authority from the Church, or from somewhere else? Come to hear an explanation of the Bible, its authority, and its relationship to the Church!"

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Next Lecture Topic: [To be arranged]


Conference Topic: “Union With Christ
Speakers:  Prof. David J. Engelsma & Rev. Andrew Lanning
Date: 11th-18th July, 2018 
Location: Castlewellan, Northern Ireland, UK.

Main Conference Addresses: [To be arranged]

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