30 April, 2016

Luke 18:7—“…Though He Bear Long With Them”

And shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them? (Luke 18:7 KJV).


Rev. Robert Harbach

On that last clause, in the KJV, there are two different renderings of the original text, one with the verb makrothumei (present indicative), and the other with makrothumoon (participial form). Both the Englishman's Greek New Testament, Stephens, 1550 and the Majority Text of the Greek N.T., 1982, prefer the reading with the participle, which [Herman Hoeksema] says is "the correct reading." We then render the clause, "and is He being longsuffering over them?" He will not long delay His help to them, for that would contradict the "speedily" of v. 8. He is being longsuffering (and that is a mercy) "over His people (ital., RCH) conceived of as being objects of hatred and persecution in the world" (H.H.). The idea is that the Lord "is longsuffering toward us" (the "beloved" of the II Pet. 3:9 context).



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