03 September, 2017

Public Lectures, Sermons & Debates

Below are a list of audio lectures and debates on the topic of common grace and the well-meant offer (or “free offer of the gospel”):

Public Lectures:

Common Grace: Summary and Analysis (Rev. Daniel Kleyn) [Youtube]

The Psalms vs. Common Grace (Rev. Angus Stewart) (MP3)

Does God Desire to Save the Reprobate? (Rev. Angus Stewart) (MP3)

God is Love (Rev. Martyn McGeown) (MP3)

Predestination: What the Bible Says (Rev. Angus Stewart) (MP3)

Total Depravity (Rev. Angus Stewart) (MP3)

For Whom Did Christ Die? (Rev. Angus Stewart) (MP3)

Who is in the Image of God? (Rev. Angus Stewart) (MP3)

Are Unbelievers in God’s Image? (Rev. Angus Stewart) (MP3)

Love Your Enemies (Rev. Martyn McGeown) (MP3)

John Owen and the Death of Christ (Rev. Angus Stewart) (MP3)

God’s Saving Will in the New Testament (Rev. Angus Stewart) (MP3) [New!!!—09/02/2018]

Sermons (MP3):

“The Moral Foundations of the Church” (Psalm 11) — Rev. Angus Stewart

“When the Wicked Flourish” (Psalm 92:7) — Rev. Angus Stewart

“Jehovah’s Purpose With All Things” (Proverbs 16:4) — Rev. Martyn McGeown

“God’s Doubted Love Demonstrated” (Malachi 1:2-5) — Rev. Angus Stewart

“God So Loved the World” (John 3:16) — Rev. Angus Stewart

“Christ’s Unchanging Love for His Own” (John 13:1) — Rev. Angus Stewart

“Nothing Can Separate Us From God’s Love” (Romans 8:33-39) — Rev. Angus Stewart

“God’s Hatred of Esau” (Romans 9:13) — Rev. Angus Stewart

“David’s Prayer Against Israel” (Romans 11:9-10) — Rev. Angus Stewart (MP3)


Is the Doctrine of Common Grace Reformed? (A debate between Prof. David J. Engelsma and Dr. Richard J. Mouw)

Common Grace: Is it Biblical? (A debate between Rev. Ronald Hanko and Rev. David Silversides)

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