18 December, 2016

Scripture Index of Texts Abused by Many Today

Below is a list of all the Scripture-texts commonly appealed to in support of

(1) Common Grace” (the theory that the Almighty “loves” or has a “favourable disposition/attitude” towards the reprobate wicked in this life, in the way of giving them good gifts, restraining the powers of sin and death in them, and producing within them all sorts of good works that are pleasing in His sight),

(2) the “Free  or Well-Meant Offer” (the notion that the Almighty, in the preaching, expresses an earnest desire, will, wish or want to save the reprobate, and who sends the gospel to them with the purpose and intention of them being saved),

(3) the notion that post-fall unregenerate man is still in the image of God,

(4) irreconcilable paradoxes and contradictions in Scripture (also termed “mysteries” or “antinomies”),

(5) “Hypo-Calvinism” (the denial of Total Depravity, Unconditional Election and Reprobation, Irresistible Grace etc., by professing Calvinists today),

(6) “Hyper-Calvinism” (the denial of duty faith and duty repentance)

(7) Arminianism

And much more …

(Note: This list is regularly updated and added to. If you are looking for some exegesis or a commentary on a specific Bible text not included below, please contact me via Facebook or email [hutchingsmusic@gmail.com]).

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