18 December, 2016

Scripture Index of Texts Abused by “Common Grace” Advocates

Below is a list of all of the Scripture-texts commonly thought to support common grace and the “Free Offer.” In other words, the passages listed here are thought to teach that the preaching of the gospel is “grace” for all, that God loves everyone, sincerely wants/wills/wishes the salvation of everyone, is “gracious” to everyone (in the good things of His providence), that He well-meaningly “offers” salvation (and all its benefits) to all that hear the preaching, and that man possesses the ability (through common grace) to perform good works.
Each link leads to a collection of responses and quotes on that particular text from various sources.

This list is regularly updated and added to. If you are looking for some exegesis or commentary on a specific Bible text not included below, please contact me via Facebook or email (hutchingsmusic@gmail.com).

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