28 May, 2016

Belgic Confession, Article 12—“Angels Remaining Steadfast by the Grace of God”

…He also created the angels good, to be his messengers and to serve his elect; some of which are fallen from that excellency, in which God created them, into everlasting perdition; and the others have, by the grace of God, remained steadfast and continued in their primitive state… (Belgic Confession, Article 12).

ARGUMENT: "Belgic Confession, Article 12 states that “by the grace of God” some of the angels have been preserved from falling into everlasting perdition, and have “remained steadfast and continued in their primitive state.” Is this not proof of a 'common grace'?"


Rev. Angus Stewart

(1) What is common grace? A grace of God for the reprobate. 

(2) What does Belgic Confession 12 talk about? A grace of God towards elect angels!



More to come! (DV)

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