25 September, 2016


Prof. Herman C. Hanko

The following was originally published as an 11-part series of articles in the Protestant Reformed Theological Journalbetween the years 1982 and 1987.

Introduction"Introduction" (PRTJ, Nov 1982)

Chapter One"The Semi-Pelagian Controversy" (PRTJNov 1982)

Chapter Two"The Reformers" (PRTJApril 1983)

Chapter Three"The Arminian Controversy and the Synod of Dordt" (PRTJNov 1983)

Chapter Four"Amyrauldianiam" (PRTJ, April 1984)

Chapter Five"Davenant and the Westminster Assembly" (PRTJ, Nov 1984)

Chapter Six"The Marrow Controversy" (PRTJ, April 1985)

Chapter Seven"Later Presbyterian Thought" (PRTJ, Nov 1985)

Chapter Eight"Early Dutch Thinkers" (PRTJ, April 1986)

Chapter Nine"Later Dutch Thinkers" (PRTJ, April 1986)

Chapter Ten"The Controversy in the Christian Reformed Church in 1924" (PRTJ, April/Nov 1986)

Chapter Eleven"Analysis and Positive Statement" (PRTJApril 1987)


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