02 June, 2018

FAQ—Is God the author of sin?


Q. 1. “Is God the author of sin?”

God is not the author of sin, and far be it from us to even imagine such wickedness. For He is holy and pure, a light and there is no darkness in Him. But although He is not the author of sin, which would imply that He finds pleasure in it and commits sin, He is the ultimate Cause of all things and, therefore, also of the fact of sin. This distinction, then, must be made, that not God but man is the author of sin. In His counsel God wills the fact of sin, in order that it might reveal His righteousness. Besides, it must not be forgotten, that God makes sin and the wicked subservient to the purpose of leading His elect to the highest glory of the heavenly Kingdom. (Herman Hoeksema, “The Protestant Reformed Churches in America” [1947], p. 351)

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