30 June, 2016

Westminster Larger Catechism, Q&A 68—"The Grace Offered to Them"

Q. 68. Are the elect only effectually called?


A. All the elect, and they only, are effectually called: although others may be, and often are, outwardly called by the ministry of the Word, and have some common operations of the Spirit; who, for their wilful neglect and contempt of the grace offered to them, being justly left in their unbelief, do never truly come to Jesus Christ (Westminster Larger Catechism, Q&A 68).


Rev. Herman Hoeksema

Is there any reference here to a general, well-meant offer of grace in the sense that the Lord should declare to all that He desires their salvation? Of course not! Indeed, the elect alone are efficaciously called. But to others the grace of God in Christ Jesus is offered, presented, (offere) in the preaching of the Gospel, in the ministry of the Word. There is no one who denies this. Only the offer, the presenting of the grace of God in Christ is according to its content never general, but particular.



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