07 February, 2017


Statement by the Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church (RPC) of Ireland on the gospel offer (13 June, 1995).

This statement originated in the opposition of myself and another member of the RPC to the doctrine of the well-meant offer of the gospel. At the time, we had both made application to become ministerial students. Knowing that the teaching of the free (or well-meant) offer was being vigorously promoted by some prominent ministers of the church, we thought it well to state our opposition to this teaching from the outset. As a result, our applications were refused and the church subsequently made its statement. The statement was ambiguous; its conclusion purported to reject certain statements, or propositions, which were of themselves negative, meaning the church affirmed nothing. The statement was also ambiguous in that it failed to say who was guilty of the propositions to which it objected and was thus without theological context.

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