07 February, 2017

The Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland and the Free Offer of the Gospel: An Evaluation

The remainder of this work is devoted to an evaluation of some Scripture passages at issue in the controversy, together with certain theological issues. The significance of the issues here at stake ought not be overlooked. Especially they ought not be overlooked by members of the RPC of Ireland. This is so for two reasons. First, only those members of the church who were delegates to synod had the opportunity to read both sides of the matter. When the church published its Minutes of Synod a short time after the 1996 synod, it printed the response of the Reformed Witness Committee (RWC) to my protest while deliberately and inexcusably withholding my protest, which was the occasion for the committee’s response.4 Second, the church in its highest court made the heretical doctrine of a grace of God for all men in the gospel officially binding on every member of the RPC of Ireland. It did this when, by an overwhelming majority, it voted to reject my protest (thereby approving the RWC’s response) and by endorsing the RWC’s article of February 1996. The doctrine of a grace of God for all men in the gospel (reprobate included) is therefore officially binding upon every member of the RPC of Ireland, for which they are and will be responsible before Almighty God.


4. The Reformed Witness Committee is a standing committee of the RPC synod; its official response to my protest to the 1996 synod together with my protest and the committee’s article of February 1996 are all included in the Appendices at the end of this work.

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