06 November, 2019

II Chronicles 24:19—“Yet He sent prophets to them, to bring them again unto the Lord … but they would not give ear”

… Yet He sent prophets to them, to bring them again unto the Lord; and they testified against them: but they would not give ear (II Chron. 24:19).

“According to II Chronicles 24:19, what was God’s revealed purpose and intention in sending prophets to largely reprobate Israel?  To bring them again unto the Lord in salvation.  But they would not give ear ... God’s intention in sending His preachers was to turn them if at all possible, so that He would not have to destroy them, though He had decreed them to this end ... God's sending preachers to reprobates is, in and of itself, surely compassionate?  God could have left them without any hope by not sending them His preachers.”


With regards God’s purpose in sending the prophets to the reprobate element in Judah, this purpose, claims the one making this argument, was “to bring them again unto the Lord in salvation.” To bring them AGAIN to the Lord in salvation? When, prior to this, had the reprobate been with the Lord in salvation? Anyone who understands and believes the doctrines of an eternal, sovereign, unconditional election and reprobation understands that the Lord never did and never does and never will desire to save the reprobate.

The passage underscores that the preaching of the gospel has, and God intends it to have, a twofold effect. Toward the reprobate that effect is to harden their hearts, and leave them without excuse. The passage teaches that even some elect are so given over to sin for a period of time that they will not heed the warnings of the gospel, so that the Lord must chastise them in some grievous way.

The verse fits with a proper view of God’s purpose in the preaching of the gospel to all, to both elect and reprobate. To the elect, to save—and if they will not be turned by the preaching, their salvation necessitates grievous chastisement; and to the reprobate, to harden. (DK, 04/11/2019)



More to come! (DV)

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