30 November, 2016

FAQ - Miscellaneous Arguments and Conundrums

Argument 1: “A Seeming Dilemma”

“Either deny that grace is an attribute of God, Or, deny that ‘saving’ grace is the only form of grace”


Argument 2: “Four Options. Choose One”

“Four options: unmerited favor (grace), merited favor (a wage), merited disfavor (just punishment), or unmerited disfavour (arbitrary punishment). Choose.”


Argument 3: “Common Grace doesn’t Deny Total Depravity!”

“A challenge to the charge that common grace affirms that unregenerated people are somewhat good.


Argument 4: “The ‘More-Loving-Than-God’ Argument”

To say that God loves only a few while also believing that He commands us to love everyone is to make us more loving than God.


Argument 5: “… obsession with the Aristotelian laws of logic …”

“Your position seems to show an obsession with Aristotelian laws of logic, rather than preferring the mystery of God’s incomprehensible nature and inscrutable wisdom.”


Argument 6: “Same repentance for both elect and reprobate?”

“If we are to logically harmonize a particular gospel with a general demand for all men without exception to repent, doesn’t that mean we must distinguish between two kinds of repentance demanded by God [one saving/unto life, and another legal/non-saving]?”


Argument 7: “Two options: Either God is sadistic or He is compassionate”

“There are only two logical positions: Either (1) God does have pleasure in the death of the reprobate, and He is therefore sadistic [I speak reverently], or (2) God does not have pleasure in their death, and therefore He has (of necessity) compassion and tender mercy towards them. Choose.”


Argument 8: “What about the relative order and beauty in the creation itself?”

“The creation is supposed to be ‘cursed’ by God, according to Genesis 3:17, and yet in spite of that, we see so much beauty and order in the creation.”


Argument 9: “Sinful man leading outwardly virtuous lives …”

“The Reformed doctrine of Total Depravity says that man, by nature, is completely corrupt and depraved in every part of his being, unable to do any good whatsoever, and is inclined to only do evil. And yet when we look at the world around us, we men sinful men leading outwardly virtuous lives … Why is that? How so?”


Argument 10: “What about special gifts, talents, skills, creativity, knowledge and understanding etc.?”

“What explanation can be given of the special gifts and talents with which the natural man is endowed, and of the development of science and art by those who are entirely devoid of the new life that is in Christ Jesus, apart from a ‘common grace’ of God?”


Argument 11: “What about ‘natural revelation’ and the religious aspirations of men worldwide?”

“How can we explain the religious aspirations of men everywhere, even of those who did not come in touch of the Christian religion apart from a ‘common grace’ of God? And what about ‘natural revelation’?”


Argument 12: “What about ‘general revelation’?”

“Some say ‘general revelation’ is a form of common grace (e.g. Herman Bavinck). How do you respond to that?”


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